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Best side business ideas

Best Side Hustle Ideas to Make Money Online in 2022

The list below is completely based on the criteria below and are completely start up / grow via free or paid self-study.


Completely Location Independent via a laptop and the internet Implementable;


Independently (without a permanent client) study (for your Knowledge) and build (in needed Work);


Unlimited scaling via the internet. So with a building effect in reach and income as you grow;


Possibly also to scale up by hiring staff that can take your work off your hands on the long term;


Both deployable to launch your own products / services OR to do so for clients;


Fully focus on a self-selected target group that you feel comfortable with;


To build and promote via free channels such as WordPress.


WordPress is a CMS system (or Content Management System) that allows all kinds and sizes of online entrepreneurs to create their own website… Basically, WordPress works for free (if you have hosting and.

 Website; Youtube Channel; Linked-In or Instagram Account;

The Best Side Hustle Ideas you can find on the internet. Through this list you can quickly make your choice!

1. You Can Become a Copywriter…

A Copywriter focuses on writing and optimizing strong sales copy such as social media ads; landing pages; email marketing funnels; sales pages; or advertorials in offline or online magazines. Here a certain mindset is central in which you have to focus on the sales process and the psychology of a visitor in the purchase process.


If you are a good Copywriter you can earn a lot of money because often commissions and royalties are paid. Writers for major magazines sometimes earn tons or millions from a good, running ad. In terms of knowledge, experience and network, you have to grow into this for a long time but even if you only earn a pittance, it can quickly add up with the right approach!


You can do this for your own products and services, but also on behalf of other entrepreneurs or companies…


This Copywriting Book helps you broaden your side hustle!

This Book helps you position your SIde Hustle through effective Copywriting Techniques!


2. Get started as a Ghostwriter for well-known entrepreneurs

Many famous online entrepreneurs or content producers don’t create their content themselves. After all, they don’t always have time for this and want to focus on sales. Do you know a well-known entrepreneur who works in your field? Then you could probably earn some extra money by offering your services as a ghostwriter. Here you can write guest blogs


Writing and posting a guest blog on the website of a fellow entrepreneur who reaches your target audience can do a lot for the awareness of your website. Publishing articles as a guest blogger delivers…

; write emails or interviews for other blogs that your client can use for their own website or to use as an advertorial


Advertorials are sponsored or paid posts on online and offline media platforms. You can use these to boost your authority; your social media channels and your personal brand. But it…

 Publish in a magazine…


You can contact those you want to work for yourself, as they are unlikely to approach you themselves. You can get content ideas by looking at magazines, doing competitive research and doing keyword research in Google’s search engine. Also through social media channels


Social Media Channels are useful for reaching large masses of people, but that’s not why they were created in the first place. The first Social Media Channels were nowhere near as advanced as those.

 you can find out how often certain types of articles are popular with the general public.


This works in a similar way in the Music World (music production) and Film World (script writing);


Making Money Online through a Side Hustle is possible when you make a serious plan of action and start growing. I’ll show you how it works!

There are also some examples of Side Hustles around Video Making; Editing and Organizing!


3. You Can Become a Youtube Content Creator….

Youtube is a super interesting video content marketing


Content Marketing is something that you as an online entrepreneur / content creator can build a large reach and it allows you to make a lot of impact on your audience. Yet many startup entrepreneurs make a.

 platform that works through the popular Pull Marketing Strategy. When you publish a video you can be found without delay in its search engine marketing system and that means it is much more accessible than writing blogs for your own WordPress / Phoenix website.

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