Noteworthy suppliers in life science products

The market of life science product suppliers isn’t an easy market for customers. A lot of brands aren’t that well-known, but deserve some extra attention. Others are extremely popular and just feed of their popularity. This list consists of brands that deserve extra recognition within the life science product market such as Clean NA and NGS & Sanger sequencing.

DeNovix products

All DeNovix products are easy to use for everyone. The interface is a lot easier than other brands and the possibilities of the products are enormous. It is easily possible to research protein and nucleic acids with these products. The DeNovix DS-11 FX Spectrophotometer Fluorometer Series are the most popular from this brand and are true game-changers within the market of life science products.  

Bioptic CGE Technology

Bioptic is a well-known and respected brand that produces life science products. The Bioptic Qsep100 is the latest and most advanced product in the range of the products from Bioptic. This product is not only able to do DNA/RNA tests, but it is also able to do protein analyses. The Qsep100 is known for its enormous efficiency. The machine is able to do 200 tests in a 1 to 7 minute run.

Magnetic Permagen products

Permagen is another noteworthy supplier. This supplier is specialized in offering magnetic products. Using magnetic products like: plates, tables and separator racks are needed in order to achieve great results. These products aren’t as complicated as others within a laboratory, but they are essential for the overall process. Some of the noteworthy suppliers in life science products have been mentioned within this article. DeNovix products are known for the fact that they are incredibly easy to use.  Bioptic is known for their state of the art CGE technology and Permagen is a noteworthy supplier of magnetic products. GC biotech offers all of these products, and much more. GC biotech is known for its service and impressive portfolio of clients. Feel free to contact GC biotech to get to know more about their suppliers in life science products.

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