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Why our brains are getting smaller and other surprising facts about our body

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Our body is a unique mechanism, the work of which we think very little about. Bill Bryson, writer and international bestselling author A Brief History of Almost Everything, in his new book, The Body, talks about our body as a unique mechanism in which we exist. In our new sprint, we share ideas for a new book by Bill Bryson. Some surprising facts.

Whole colonies of microbes and bacteria live on our skin.

Some of them are permanent and do not part with their host almost from birth. Others are newcomers, come for a short time and then disappear. Attempts to get rid of germs with antibacterial soaps lead to the fact that along with harmful microbes, good skin bacteria die, which protect us from hostile species. Therefore, many ingredients in antibacterial soaps and disinfectant solutions are prohibited.

But the role of bacteria is not limited to this …

They break down food, extracting useful substances from it, such as vitamins B2, B12 and folic acid. The human body can produce only twenty digestive enzymes, and bacteria – 10 thousand.

People constantly exchange germs and bacteria with each other.

So, during a kiss, up to a billion bacteria are transferred from one mouth to another, but they do not stay there for a long time. After a short time, the cleaning of uninvited guests begins, and soon the microflora of the lovers are completely restored in their previous form.

The human brain is possibly the most unusual thing in the universe

One cubic millimeter of a grain of sand can hold 2,000 terabytes of information. A flash drive of this size would fit all the films ever shot. And the whole brain can accommodate all the digital content of the entire world. The brain uses 20 percent of the energy of the body and 65 percent of the energy of the newborn. He consumes about 400 calories per day, regardless of physical activity.

But our brain has become smaller …

An unexpected discovery was that over the millennia, the human brain has decreased in volume, and at the same time the bones of the skull have thinned. Perhaps the brain has just become more efficient and requires less mass and volume. And perhaps, according to the author’s ironic remark, we just became less interesting personalities.

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